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Tailored to the needs of front-end developers, this eBook bundle contains four selected Smashing eBooks on HTML, CSS, responsive web design, and more. A valuable companion to master your daily front-end challenges.

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Dont’ miss out this valuable ebook

The book will learn you how to built better websites faster and earn more money on freelance market!

Checklist for grow income
You will increase your income step by step with the checklist in the book
Save your time
You will save your time with our special techniques, prebuilt code and tools
Increase your quality
Deliver better quality with the PHP framework that provides ready to use modules and elements

Full chapter list

1. PHP frameworks

2. High-quality design

3. Self-growing

4. Sell your services

5. Make your clients happy

6. Hire a sale manager

Johnathan Doe

I wrote the book for coders like me, who want to be more successful and to be able to provide the better life for his family! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet

Thanks Plentific for helping us stay on top of a very stressful process! Finally exchanged and looking forward to complete.
Ashley Bradshaw
Lead Manager
Great to stay on top of the process. Especially liked to play with the financial section when viewing properties. Highly recommended!
Brandon Shorter
Just started flat hunting. Your affordability calculator saved me some serious time to focus on what I can actually buy. Thanks so much.
Brooke Gerald

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